Bvglari Omnia Crystalline

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A soft, but intriguing and captivating flavor

The intrigue of Omnia Crystalline scent attracts years of modern women, regardless of age. With fresh and clear notes, essence configures a slow, but sure way to incurable romantic souls. A mysterious musk fund encompasses the element that invites a balanced, spicy and intimate olfactory journey.

Bvglari Omnia Crystalline
Bvglari Omnia Crystalline


Bvglari Omnia Crystalline was launched in 2005 and is inspired by the structure of the crystals. This fragrance synthesizes a delicate touch of the gentle flower petals. This essence shines bright in the typical spring and summer afternoon and it’s fresh and full of vitality and the joy of life.



Bvglari Omnia Crystalline

The top notes of this perfume combine the divine smell of bamboo with the freshness of the pears. This essence is vibrant and full of life, and the exotic Nashi fruits in the opening offers an unique vibrant aura for this fragrance. The Nashi fruit has a specific aroma which reminds you of apple and pear.

In the heart of the perfume, you can feel the soft lotus blossom, caressed by tea and cassia. This fragrance is long lasting on clothes. The perfume is a fresh and feminine essence and the notes in the middle give it a sophisticated and yet warm feeling.

The perfume base features more classy ingredients, spinning out of woody elegance. The delicate note of musk transcends beyond the intense scent of lotus. The guaiac wood and oakmoss create a creamy and refined base, for a classy woman that doesn’t want to be in the center of the attention.

Perfume Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline


Omnia Crystalline is a refined signature, unique in the Bvlgari franchise. This fragrance does not want to stand out, but still manages to be fresh, intense, like a summer day. Without being fierce and daring, this aroma knows how to attract the attention of the female public

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

A soft aroma, but intriguing and captivating, Omnia Crystalline knows how to reflect the essence of the modern femininity.

+ Positives:
  • Balanced ratio between quality and price;
  • The fragrance persists successfully over a long day.
- Negatives:
  • The perfume oscillates between hot and cold notes.

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