Chanel No. 5

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A nice slogan that highlights the myth of the eternal feminine

One of the first popular flavors in its composition is synthetic ingredients – aldehydes, symmetrizable with the natural spring flowers: lily, rose or jasmine. An essence that takes the olfactory form of the fresh air frozen from the Actic Circle, the original fragrance for the inspiration of the perfumer Ernest Beaux. He was impressed by the unique smell of cool, crystalline lakes, desperately wanting to pay homage to the fabulous natural scenery.


The well-known fragrance Chanel No. 5 is a rich essence-an emblematic symbol for absolute elegance and refinement, but also one of the best-rated perfumes at international level. It encompasses a very strong and complex flavor, which does not allow the separation of the ingredients that make the essence.


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Chanel No. 5

The top of the perfume is composed in an intense manner arrangements of bergamot, lemon, ylang-ylang and aldehydes. Is a balanced essence, an innovative composition that is perceived as an whole. The scent is very well known among the female audience, being preferred in the past by celebrities such as Marylin Monroe.

The heart of the perfume evolves under the clear touch of pure jasmine, with roses, lilies and irises. A simple drop of this legendary essence becomes an essential weapon in the seduction arsenal and reflects the strong but sweet feminity.

The woody settlement of the essence does not deny her personality, being a long-lived example of femininity and refinement. Here the vetiver and sandalwood blend in harmoniously with vanilla notes, amber and patchouli.

Chanel No. 5


A few drops of this perfume are intense enough to attract people around like a magnet. Over time, this perfume has generated a very high popularity among strong yet fragile women.

Chanel No. 5

The first fragrance, Chanel No.5, featured a breathtaking olfactory composition, breathtakingly captured in a simple rectangular bottle, with a top-like area like Place Velodrome in Paris. The original bottle was designed by Coco Chanel, being representative of her stylistic motto: less opulence involves more elegance.

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