How the perfume you wear shapes your personality?

The scent you choose to wear defines your style and often can say more about you than you can imagine. If you wear it in a way that suits your personality, you will be regarded as a mature person who knows what she deserves and fights until the end for her objectives. A perfume may, often, do more than highlighting your presence; it may define your style, strengths and even intentions in a given moment when you wear it.

Here’s what your favorite perfume says about you through its unique character

Floral fragrances embrace your inner beauty

Floral fragrances are the most popular choices, and if they are your favorites, you certainly do not mind admitting and manifesting your femininity. You are willing to get in touch with special moments and enjoy life at the highest level. Your perfume must be alike your expensive champagne, even if you do not always choose the most expensive dress. It is important for you to fit in and you like being admired, although you do not always admit it. Your are characterized by sweet flankers accessorized with jasmine and magnolia notes, but you won’t refuse a touch of patchouli neither.

Fruity fragrances provoke your childish attitude 

They can have classical odors, such as green apple or cherry, or original ones, like a mango touch. Still. if you prefer such fragrances, you are usually full of life and always surrounded by intense colors. Your personality is just as fresh as a cocktail watermelon served on a hot day and you like to inspire freshness through your effervescent attitude. Your fruity fragrance is just like you: unique, original, delicious and radiant, bringing a good vibe each time it escapes from its bottle. This kind of perfume is neither intoxicating, nor ordinary. Alike the floral ones, pear, plum and berries notes are the queens of such an intense flanker.

Fragrances with citrus scent make you glow

You pride yourself for being a mature woman, so your perfume must definitely reflect your inner beauty. You are full of life, and your look is always clean and clear. You are an efficient person and have the amazing ability to always synthesize a problem that seems complicated at first glance. Therefore, such a citric flanker may contain lemon and orange sparks, able to define your strong appearance, while tangerine, grapefruit and lime invest your perfume with an urban vibe that becomes addictive.

Oceanic fragrances stimulate your free spirit 

If you love oceanic fragrances, it means that you are characterized by a free spirit and therefore you love to surround yourself with marine shades, both in clothing and accessories. You do not like to be tied to rigid ideals and you are always willing to listen to the views of others. Thanks to your assertive attitude, you are keen on perfumes that can be intensive enough without harming any other preferences. Here, we can include flankers defined through airy notes, that lead to the emergence of some androgynous and modern perfumes, touched by seductive mint notes.

Oriental fragrances define your uniqueness 

If you love oriental perfumes, you are the kind of person who prefers quality over quantity. Oriental fragrances are exotic and women who wear them are sensual and warm, although they may seem distant at first. You tend to avoid crowded places and prefer a quiet dinner with your partner, which is the perfect moment to catch his eyes thanks to an elegant and clear perfume. Given that you are not obsessed with fashion, you prefer to offer a proper value to your outfits through the flanker you wear, accessorized with wood and patchouli notes.

Spicy fragrances are the perfect trigger for seduction 

Warm and appealing, women who enjoy spicy perfumes have an equally spicy personality. If you like spicy fragrances, you are alike a bird of the night, so you do not consider yourself a morning person. Your perfume must be intense, personal, interesting and controversial. It must be able to generate reactions, to receive compliments and raise questions once its flanker escapes from the elegant bottle that keeps it safe for you. One of these essences may contain pink pepper notes, cinnamon and last, but not least, a little sparkle of woody notes.

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